Monday, February 15, 2016

Whose Responsibility Is It?

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I'm in the throes of an "do I or don't I" quandary.

Decisions are easier to follow when they're somebody else's responsibility to make.

Perfection paralysis. Second guessing all the possible outcomes. Each answer has a catalog of additional questions that go along with it.

If you're lucky, if you've cultivated the right relationships with people you trust with your decision, you can ask for advice. But if you're the one-in-charge, it's still your decision. You can take input, you can build trees, you can create iterations, but the decision is still yours to make.

"How to be" productive or successful articles talk all the time about removing low-level decisions--what to wear, what to eat for breakfast--so that you open your decision-making bandwidth to the high-level, change-the-world decisions. Be commercial and take investors or stay nonprofit and cultivate donors. Give your product away versus charging all the market will bear.

Empower your frontline employees to make their own decisions or give them carefully-worded handouts on what to do in any situation.

Joy and autonomy versus cog in the machine.

That decision seems to be low-level. You're leading an arts organization.