Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A bit belated post on Scott Stratten

I so wanted to go to the National Arts Marketing Project Conference this year. Okay, truth is I want to go to any arts-related conference but they have this nasty habit of 1) falling on show weekends (thus I have to be at work) and 2) having a hefty registration fee (which I can't afford currently). Hence, I am very grateful that the NAMP folks recorded some of their speeches, including the opening keynote by UnMarketing guru Scott Stratten. You can listen to the whole speech here. Today, I just want to share with you what I jotted down while listening.

  • there is no such thing as a neutral brand interaction.
  • Seth Godin's Purple Cow. Unawesome is unaccetable
  • We share experiences.
  • Marketing is actions.
  • Re-marry your current audience.
  • What can you STOP? What can you START? What can you CONTINUE?
  • You can't ignore what you hate.
  • Don't have a presence [in social media] but not be present.
  • Get 'em in the door any way you can.
  • Everyday awesome doesn't have to be epic.
I'll share some thoughts on each of these points in a later post. But that last one, for arts organizations, is especially significant: the art we produce/present should be epic, but our whole organization should leave the patron happy with their experience. Too often arts orgs believe that as long as the art is "good", then patrons won't mind an otherwise crappy time. Au contraire: just as with restaurants and the good food/awful service conundrum, arts patrons will only begrudgingly return to see art if the service is terrible and they will NOT turn into raving fans and bring others with them. Like Scott said, it doesn't need to be epic. How about we all just start with every single person in the organization giving a genuine smile and hearty "Hello!" when a customer walks in? 

And, to be clear, by "customer" I mean everyone who comes in contact with the organization, inside or out. 

Just a simple start.

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