Thursday, November 28, 2013

Acknowledgement List

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm in the middle of thesis paper research, so naturally I'm thinking a lot about who has been helpful and needs thanking.

Almost everyone I've contacted about varying topics has been both intrigued by my thesis and generous with their time and energy. I'm especially thankful to:

  • Robert Wildman, my faculty adviser, who has the extremely difficult job of both keeping my passion in check but encouraging my quest when I'm tired of it. He's playing the Sancho Panza to my Don Quixote. 
  • Robert Long, who I emailed out of the blue, but has given me several puzzle pieces and introductions and continues to check in on my work.
  • All of the people who have agreed to be my "sounding board", reading drafts and commenting on what works or doesn't (Byron, Liz, and Bob).
  • All of the folks I've worked with at Americans for the Arts: Clayton Lord, Hannah Jacobson, and, by extension, Professor Roland Kushner. They care about our field and want to support those working in it. 
  • Chris Miller, of the International Association of Venue Managers, who wasn't exasperated by my rudimentary understanding of his world.
  • It almost goes without saying, but shouldn't, that my gratitude towards Greg Lucas and Ramona Baker is immeasurable. Even when we butt heads, they still have my back. 
  • My long-suffering, increasingly impatient husband, who is getting the short end of the stick at the moment, and my sweet sweet daughter, who doesn't like it that mommy "has more homework", but will understand one day (I hope!). 
An admittedly short list, because really this journey started six and a half years ago, and there are more people to thank than room. I am taking the attitude of "paying it forward" since there's no way I could ever appropriately repay these folks for their generosity. My only hope is that I will be able to someday be as generous as they are today.

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