Saturday, November 15, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day 15: Ladies of Triangle Theatre

Ladies of Triangle Theatre (LoTT for short) is a loose network of women in Triangle area of North Carolina who work in any aspect of theater. The short goal of the network is to say "Yes, And" to each other whenever possible. 

All the statistics about national and regional productions by/led by women can be found elsewhere, as well as the ongoing dialogue/argument about why those numbers are low/aren't changing. 

Here in the Triangle, we are blessed with an incredible number of talented women on both sides of the stage. LoTT exists to support these women in their theatrical work, through various means. 

One is behind-the-scenes, much like a "support" group. Everyone needs that kind of safe space to work through problems and this is a difficult field to navigate by itself, let alone with family responsibilities and day jobs etc etc. 

Another is through informal gatherings. These have been brown-bag lunches, attending a member's show as a group, or drinks after a show. 

While it's not a producing entity per se, LoTT has branched out into doing shows "in conjunction with" a producing company. Our first was Crooked by Catherine Trieschmann at Common Ground Theatre. Since I'm a member of LoTT and the Executive Director of Common Ground, it made sense for LoTT to help out with the production. 

There is no application process to be a member: are you self-identified as a woman and do you work in theater in the Triangle? Are you interested in supporting other women and making the Triangle a great place for theater? Come join us!
We have nifty buttons! Logo design by the amazing Sylvia Mallory.

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