Thursday, March 9, 2017

9 Seminars I'd Love to Teach

  • Arts Hospice: Palliative Care for End-of-Life for Arts Organizations
  • Healthy Ecosystems in Small Cities: Why Diversity of Size and Content Matters
  • Try Today, Buy Tomorrow: How Performing Arts Can Use Samples to Build Audience
  • Fear-Setting in the Arts: Mitigating Risk by Developing Comfort with Fear
  • Stone Soup: Using Collaboration to Create New Performing Arts Opportunities
  • Pivots and Sprints: Using Corporate Process Development to Grow a Sustainable Arts Org
  • Clothing Costumes: How What you Wear Changes Your Own Perceptions
  • Grow Your Own: What Food Chains and Arts Ecosystems Have in Common
  • I Can't, I Have a Kid: How to be a Present Parent and a Performer Without Losing Your Mind
I'm available. 

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